Monday, November 14, 2011

My report ...

One of the things I was pleased about in term 1 was my artwork. In my report I received excellence for my work habits and my behavior. It was a big surprise because I’m not good at art, well that was what I thought before I got my report. I am very proud of myself and so was my mum.

Improve : Maths
Below expectations and goods.
The thing I need to improve on is my maths. That’s because I got below expectations in my academic progress. I was shocked because I thought that I was pretty good at my maths. But I was happy because I got goods on my work habits and my behavior. I felt disappointed and good of myself at the same time.

Overall: My term

Overall, my term went pretty good because I am in a class that I wanted to be in and with a wonderful teacher that I really like. What I like about my class is that my friends are in here and that I know that I can learn a lot of new stuff.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Thinking Skills ...

My brain hurts now because this morning room 22 did a thinking challenge activity. We only had 5 random objects and 1 question. We had to solve that question by using the objects. Our 5 objects were Pin, Fishing rod, Fishing hook, Reel of cotton and Peg. Our question was How could you have the best birthday ever?

We weren’t a success because we were being random. We said that we would go fishing and put the fishing hook on the fishing rod and then make a t-shirt out of the reel of cotton for the fish then hang the fish up with the peg.

I thought this would be a waste of time but it was fun. I cant wait to do it again.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The last week or so...

Its the last week of term 3 and a busy week it has been.

This week it has been busy because of our school production. People walking in and out of the class room. It was kind of annoying but it was worth it. Ms Tito is in charge of her percussion traditional tribal dance group. So the kids that are not in production but in Ms Tito class get split up to different classes like in room 21, 20 and 19.

The class I went to was in room 19. In room 19 they do a lot of reading and all I do is have free time like going on Math whizz. Some times we help Mr Harris with the stuff that got to do with the production.

I can not wait to see our students perform our school production!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Maths Whizz...

Now and then for maths, we go on a website called Maths Whizz. Maths Whizz is a website that we go on to learn a lot numbers, patterns and a lot of other stuff. Right now I am working on the possibility of stuff happening.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mrs Richards...

For the past few weeks we have had a student teacher in our class to learn how to be a teacher. Her name is Mrs Richards. She came from the university in Waikato.

She made a chart with all our names on it and if we be good we get a tick. When she reads us a story she tells us about her culture and her family. Last week on Friday was her last day here in our class. Unfortunately i was away on Friday.

A lot of people told me that some of the students in our class got to make some dumplings with Mrs Richards for the class. I wish I was there.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


“YYAAYY!” I yelled with excitement. Our boys are the champions in New Zealand. Last week our boys went to Tauranga to represent our school in the 7’s rugby competition. They had to challenge 32 teams just to be on the top.

On Monday, the whole school had a short assembly to welcome back our boys from Tauranga. As they were walking in the hall to the stage, there were a lot of cheering and even screaming. When it was time for the boys to say there highlight Junior was my favorite because he was funny. He said that his highlight was when they won the game and he missed the school and the GIRLS!!

I was extremely happy when I heard that the boys won the whole competition and I just could not believe it. So well done boys.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Team 5 fun challenge...

“ YAY !” Room 22 yelled as Ms Tito sling shot a ball in the hoop. On Tuesday the 23rd of August 2011, team 5 was going to have a fun day. All the activities we were doing were with the teachers. The teachers were Ms Tito, Mrs Nua, Mr Harris and Mrs Langitupu. We were all looking forward to see what they have planned for us.

Our first activity was with Ms Tito. We had to use a sling shot to try and shoot a ball in a hula hoop. If we get it in the pink hoop we get 100 points and if we get it into the other coloured hoops like the blue one, we get 50 points. It looked easy and I just could not wait for my turn.
“ Go,” Ms Tito said to us.
Lepa was the first one to have a go. We all thought that he would get it in but sadly we all thought wrong because he missed. It was finally my turn. When I slinged the ball into the air, I just knew I would not get it in. So then Ms Tito stepped in and had a go. She took amount of time thinking of which way to shoot but it was worth it because she actually got it in. In just the last minute someone got us some extra points cause they got a ball in the hula hoop. So out of that whole 15 minute we earned ourselves 100 points.

Our next activity was with Mr Harris. His game was the 3 legged race. What we had to do was to get a partner and tie 1 of our legs together and try to walk all the way to the other side with a spoon and a tennis ball on it. Just after me and my partner watching the other team, we thought it was hard because they kept dropping the ball but the only way for us to find out was to just have a go.
" GO! " Mr Harris yelled at us. "
" Left, right, left, right " we were all saying at the same time.
It was easy to us and it was fun. We would of came a 2nd place but Ilalio and Junior M just beat us.

Our next activity was with Mrs Nua. This game was just about team work. We had to get a sponge full of water and try get it to the other side to a bucket by putting it to the side and under our leg. With the most water in the bucket wins. It looked so fun and we all just could not wait to get a turn.
" GGOO! " Mrs Nua yelled to us.
The people in my group was Beni, Emilee, Julie, Ngametua and I. There were a lot of screaming and a lot of cheating but our group didn’t care. We were trying our hardest but we just did’nt win. But we were pretty close though. We thought that this was one of the best game we did so far. But we just have to keep that in mind because we still had one activity left.

Our last activity was with Mrs Langitupu. What We had to do was try to chuck the ball without stepping and try to touch the other team. It looked easy and cool too and we just could not wait to start
" PLAY! " Yelled Mrs Langitupu.
We all started to run away from the other team because they were trying to get us. Ilalio tried to block me and so was Miracle, so I dropped on the ground and started crawling away from them as fast as I could. It was so funny that I couldn't stand back up. But then Mrs Clark said that we had to switch and now it was our turn to get the other team. Some of them were easy to catch because they wont even try to run but some of them were hard like Miracle. He was so to fast we couldn’t keep up with him. But then it was game over, our team won the challenge.

I had a lot of fun and I know the other classes did too. I hope we could do this again during this year.